Blanko Furniture: Geometric Forms and Colorful Accents

Blanko is a small furniture design studio/workshop based in Novi Sad, Serbia.
This studio’s story starts back in 2016 when two friends decided they wanted to begin working on their first project. At first, they modified old pieces of furniture, just so that they could see how an old piece would fit into modernly designed homes. After only a couple of months, they started building their own products and decided to make a collection.

When they first began designing and making furniture, they noticed that they were creating some extraordinary pieces, that won’t be a good fit for every household. So, the two partners agreed that, instead of making commercialized furniture, they were going to create hand-crafted pieces from start to finish for homeowners that think outside-of-the-box.

Blanko’s designs are definitely not for everyone. It takes a particular type of aesthetics and sense of beauty one needs to have to understand the concept behind each piece.

Nowadays, Blanko studio is collaborating with various talented locally-based craftsmen and creating fantastic pieces of furniture.

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